It’s Not Always Sunny in Philadelphia…

Well! It has been a VERY busy couple of months for myself and Sarah – I was the maid of honor in a close friends wedding, I have been working a lot, and I visited not only Sydney, Australia but also Philadelphia (with Sarah!)

Towards the end of October, Sarah and I both booked a trip to Philadelphia so that could attend the Harry Potter Festival in Chestnut Hill (we are nerds, we know.)  It’s been a while since we had last seen one another so we thought this would be the perfect opportunity.  I left Chicago Friday afternoon and she left Miami, both arriving in Philadelphia Friday night.  We stayed at a Bed and Breakfast, Bella Vista B&B, it was like staying in our own apartment!  It was adorable and within walking distance of some really cool bars and good food.  Since we arrived late on Friday we went to Pat’s King of Steaks and split a Philly cheesteak, which was MUCH better than I thought it would be.  Afterwards we walked to the nearby bar, Garage, which was really hip – i loved this place! If you’re from Chicago it had a very Logan Square-ish vibe.  All of their beers are cans.  Sarah and I had a few shots of Jameson and a few beers before heading back to our B&B, knowing we had to be up very early the next morning.

The following morning we grabbed rainbow bagels at Chestnut Street Philly Bagels, they were pretty but definitely look a whole lot more impressive on social media.  We then took the train to Chestnut Hill where the Harry Potter Festival was being held.  It was a MAD. HOUSE.  The entire street was so crowded and it was a bit chilly out (and drizzling).  Unfortunately, I am sorry to say that I had very high hopes for the festival and was unimpressed.  Sarah and I stuck around for a bit before leaving in search of a pub, we walked to the nearest one we could find that was not overrun with tourists.  We ended up at Fatty’s Bar and Grill where we had Fish & chips and a Burger with some pints of beer.  The food was not anything too special, we then walked back to the festival for a few hours before trying to leave.  The train was so crowded we could not make it on and only came once an hour.  We ended up calling an uber and paying 60 bucks.. for an uber POOL.  We had the uber take us to Tired Hands Brewery, where we had some delicious beer and some very good food.   I had a goat cheese grilled cheese and the beer, Individual Components – both were so amazing.  We ate and drank at the bar/restaurant then made our way over to the actual brewery.  (all of this was probably my favorite part of our trip).  After this we headed back into the city and took a night tour bus, I believe it was called the night bus haha.  Our tour guide was very nice and informative, the tour was a bit expensive but worth it because we learned so much about the city and saw so much!

Our Final day in Philly Sarah and I woke up and found a really good breakfast place near the city center that of course I cannot remember the name of… we then walked around and saw the Liberty Bell and other landmarks before walking to YARDS brewing company.  We went on the free brewery tour which includes a bunch of free beers and we also had a beer flight.  We then walked back towards the city center before calling an uber to take us to the airport.

During our trip in Philly we passed a few food trucks, but I wish we had the chance to eat at one!  I am a huge fan of the show Always sunny and wish I had the opportunity to visit where “Pattys pub” may be.  Overall, I really loved Philly it reminded me a lot of Chicago and I definitely would visit again given the chance – as for the Harry Potter festival?  Can’t say I would come for that again.

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