A Day in Oslo, Norway

On August 30th, I flew from London Stansted Airport to Oslo, Norway for 30.00 USD, but here is the catch – it was on RyanAir and those of you who have flown Ryanair know there always seems to be an issue.  My return flight did get delayed… twice.. for three hours.  However, for the price of thirty bucks – the trip was definitely worth it!

I arrived in Oslo, Norway in the early evening – to get from the airport to the city you take a train and then a type of trolley.  However, I believe the trolley from the station to the hotel was not necessary, Oslo is quite walkable.  Now although my flight to Oslo was quite inexpensive – everything else is the opposite!

Where to Eat: (Cheap EATS!)

Illegal Burgers:  This is a hidden hamburger place that was delicious!  It’s a bit pricey for a burger but not as much as most places and trust me don’t skip the potato/fries.  drool.

Freddy Fuego Burrito Bar: You can build your own burrito or burrito in a box (concept sound familiar?)  The burritos are hearty, tasty and fairly cheap by Norwegian standards equal to 14 USD, but for being as far from Mexico as Oslo is – the burritos are pretty good.

Mamma Pizza:  I had not had the chance to visit this place, however, I have found numerous reviews online raving about it.  It is rated the best pizza you can find in Oslo and although calling it “cheap” is quite a reach, it is considered cheap by Norway standards.  Oh, and if you’re looking to compare it to Chicago or New York pizza then you are obviously going to be disappointed.

Wunderburger: Great build your own burger place, and relatively cheap.

If you’re Rich and hungry:

Fjord Restaurant


Elias Mat & Sant

  • All of the above restaurants are for travelers with deeper pockets than us backpackers, they are some of the best rated Scandinavian restaurants found in Oslo.  They are best known for Seafood; I cannot recommend anything from these resturants however, because as much as I may think I am Ivanka Trump and have an expendable income at times, I DO NOT.  On the other hand, if you do, and do receive a chance to try these restaurants please leave recommendations for other readers.  Thanks.

What to See/Do:

Nobel Peace Price Museum: The price to enter the museum was 100 NOK or equal to twelve USD.  It may seem a bit much but it is such an informative museum and definitely worth a visit,  if you take a tour you can spend a good chunk of time exploring this museum or if you want to visit it on your own time that’s cool too!  They have one room which has pictures of all the Peace Prize winners, this was my favorite part because I had the chance to learn about so many influential people.

The Opera House: I visited the Opera House during both the day and night time and it is architecturally captivating.  It opened in the year 2008 and is home of the Norwegian Opera and Ballet.  If you climb up the side of the outside of the building you also receive an awesome view.

Vigeland Sculpture Park:  This is a park filled with sculptures and a museum featuring the works of Gustav Vigeland.  It is the world’s largest sculpture park made by one single artist.  There are over 200 sculptures, the park is free year-round and one of the most popular attractions in Oslo.  When I visited it was rainy, however, the park was still beautiful – full of flowers and healthy green grass.  The statues on the other hand were quite interesting… some more so than others, haha.  One could definitely spend an entire day here if the weather permits it.

City Hall:  If you are super into Norwegian history you will be more inclined to visit this building and go inside, I however was not a fan of the architecture.  Sorry to offend.

Viking Ship Museum: This is one place I unfortunately did not have the time to visit yet wish I did.  The museum contains the remains of three different ships including the Oseberg Ship, which comes from the largest known ship burial.  If you are interested in Vikings, you can learn a good chunk of information here.

The Royal Palace:  This is the official residence of the Norwegian Monarch.

Parliament: You can receive a guided tour of the Parliament building.  Politicians of Norway have been in this building since 1866.

Oscarborg Fortress: You have to visit this coastal fortress by boat.  Interesting destination for fans of Norwegian History or WW2 History.

The Norwegian Museum of Cultural History: This is an open air museum which contains buildings from several centuries of Norwegian history, along with an indoor museum which has more information on Norway.

***Oslo Contemporary Art Museum:  If you love contemporary art or architecture as much I do then I recommend at least stopping by the outside of this building and having a leisurely walk around.


I would suggest going to Oslo on a cruise, perhaps with the other countries of Scandinavia or including Russia, as opposed to going out of your way to see Oslo – this is however, just my personal opinion.  I found Oslo interesting, but I would recommend visiting Finland or Sweden before going back to Norway.

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